Green City Trips team
Florian and Natalia, editors of in Sydney, Australia.

Green City Trips is a travel blog by Florian Kaefer and Natalia Ferrer Roca.

It all started during our doctoral studies in New Zealand. Whenever we traveled back to our native Europe to attend a conference or visit family and friends, we had a hard time finding eco-friendly places to stay and things to do in the cities we had to stop over (a direct flight would last more than 25 hours!).

Friends and colleagues told us that they had similar problems when traveling to large cities for conferences or weekend trips, so we decided to create a web portal where discerning, environmentally conscious business and leisure travellers could find info and reviews of hotels, tours and activities in major city destinations: was born.

We are also the editors of the Sustainability Leaders Project and The Place Brand Observer.

You are a frequent city traveler and want to contribute reviews or advice? Get in touch!