City destinations Asia: From the Middle East all the way to India, China, Japan – the Asian continent is easily among the most diverse, colorful and exotic. Asia is also home to most mega cities and world’s largest urban populations. Despite the chaos and pollution still common in many Asian cities, many of them are becoming greener and easier to visit.

Recommended City Destinations in Asia and Middle East:

City Destination Singapore

Singapore has seen a huge change in the last decades, emerging from third-world to a strong, self-conscious first world country. With little land and few natural resources of its own, Singapore – the City in a Garden – has been quite successful integrating environmental needs with urban growth and development.

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City Destination Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is perhaps the last place to expect environmental awareness or sustainability. Yet, with no oil of its own, the emirate is slowly changing its strategic positioning, eager to become one of the top tourist destinations. Luxury plays an important role, and the luxury sector is where sustainability has already found implementation.

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