The demand for travel and tourism around the world is growing steadily. The more people travel, the larger our all impact on the environment and on the communities we visit. The thing is, as travellers we don’t want to feel guilty about having a good time.

When traveling, we want to be able to leave our everyday concerns behind. We want to feel good about our trip, and simply enjoy a healthy vacation or holiday with our friends and family. Smart, responsible traveling helps to overcome this dilemma.

About sustainable tourism

The good news: many tourism businesses and destinations are well aware of the potential negative impact that tourism activities can have on their natural environment and local population. They know that in the long run, tourism can only be profitable by conserving natural resources and benefiting local communities.

As responsible travellers we support those efforts by making our vacation fun, enjoyable and as environmentally friendly as possible. Most of us live in cities visited by tourists, so we try to be decent guests, just as we’d expect people to behave in our own backyard.

We choose hotels, tours and activities that align with our values, treating nature and people respectfully. It’s all about feeling good and having a great time!

Tip: if you interested in tourism sustainability, check out the Sustainability Leaders Project, which has interviewed over 120 tourism professionals who are working towards making travel and tourism more sustainable.

Air travel

Air travel is a major concern for eco-smart city travelers, especially when traveling to destinations that cannot be reached by train or bus. Carbon offsetting initiatives like those offered by German organization atmosfair can help you reduce your environmental impact when traveling by airplane.

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