Eco-friendly boutique hotel Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon, Portugal

Inspira Santa Marta hotel in central Lisbon breathes sustainability throughout. A true champion of combining environmentally friendly business practice with a boutique experience.

Why stay at Inspira Santa Marta hotel

Modern, 4 star boutique hotel with Feng Shui decoration. Serenity and well-being are at the core of this hotel, which was built with environmental, social and economic sustainability in mind. Inspira Santa Marta is unique in how it uses Feng Shui-inspired decoration for its rooms.

Also in the spirit of Feng Shui is the spacious wooden lobby, where Portuguese-made sofa spaces have been intelligently put together to create a comfortable living room atmosphere.

Location & neighborhood

Very central. Inspira Santa Marta Hotel is located in Rua Santa Marta, which runs parallel to Lisbon’s famous Avenida de Libertade, which leads from the Placa Marques Bombal all the way down to the sea. Avenida metro station is about 5 minutes walk. Buses to the airport leave from Placa Marques Bombal, which is about 10 minutes walking distance (uphill when leaving from the hotel).

Around the hotel, many of the houses are old and not yet renovated, which gives the area a slightly rustic atmosphere, which is in stark contrast to the luxury shops and glamorous hotels just a hundred meters away.

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel bedroom Lisbon Portugal

Reception & guest experience

We found the receptionists at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel very professional and approachable. Located in the middle of the lobby, the reception connects the lounge area, restaurant and hotel entrance. All staff at Inspira Santa Marta are trained in sustainability and Feng Shui.

Tip: Give the receptionists at Inspira Santa Marta your birth day and they can calculate your Feng Shui element, be it water, earth, fire, etc, together with its significance. We absolutely loved it!

Ask at the time of booking and they might be able to allocate a room especially designed for you. Some of those rooms are very unique and cool.


Every room at Inspira Santa Marta is different as everything is decorated and organized following Feng Shui principles. There are comfortable rooms, great for green city tips visiting Lisbon, but there are also Inspira Hotel suits with private Jacuzzi for honeymooners…

The Open Brasserie Mediterranica is the on-site restaurant offering fantastic, healthy meals. Chefs cater to whatever dietary requirements you might have. Read our review (coming soon).

Lobby at Boutique Hotel Inspira Santa Marta, Lisbon

For us, the combination of healthy, eco-friendly and Feng Shui makes Inspira Santa Marta unique. One of the few hotels reviewed so far which we wouldn’t mind to stay for a month or two.


Inspira Santa Marta Hotel is a 4 star eco-boutique hotel with 5 star prices. However, it is well worth it. By staying at Inspira, you will not only have a stunning experience in an boutique hotel in the center of Lisbon, but you will also enjoy locally-sourced food, leave a low carbon footprint (Inspira Santa Marta Hotel is the only hotel in Lisbon using 100% renewable energy) and support social projects both locally and in Africa (see website below for details).

Insider Tip

When booking, ask for a room that matches your Feng Shui element. If celebrating a special moment, ask to be in a Fire room…

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Review of Inspira Santa Marta Boutique Hotel in Central Lisbon
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