Founded by Florian Kaefer and Natalia Ferrer in April 2014, is a city travel guide and blog driven by a passion for authentic, transformative, responsible travel experiences. Honesty and authenticity are important, which is why we only publish reviews of hotels and tours which we’ve had the chance to experience ourselves.

Hotels or tours usually host us free of charge, so we can experience them, talk to their sustainability champions, and then prepare and write the reviews.

Green City Trips How we work
We only believe what we see: Visiting hotel property is part of our review.

We also sometimes accept invitations from destination marketing agencies or tour operators, but will only feature and recommend those businesses which we consider a good fit for our readers of environmentally conscious, discerning travelers.

Because achieving sustainability can be a long and difficult process, we don’t expect each hotel or tour to be at the same stage in terms of its environmental performance. We don’t see ourselves as “eco police” – more like scouts on the look-out for inspiring, enriching tours, accommodation and memorable experiences.

Since we started Green City Trips, we have reviewed anything from student hostel to five-star wellness resort, in places as diverse as Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Auckland in New Zealand, Dubai, Barcelona, Lisbon and Singapore.

Rather than focusing on how many stars a property has, we select our hotels and tours based on their potential to provide authentic, healthy and rewarding experiences. Here is an overview of city destinations covered so far.

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