Tips on how to travel climate-friendly

What does it mean to travel climate friendly? Lack of information is often to blame when people do not travel in a climate-friendly way. This is unfortunate, since climate-friendly travel can be quite simple. If you like to visit new destinations and travel using different modes of transportation, you will see that you don’t have to make huge concessions or invest a lot of extra effort in climate-friendly travel.

Essentially, travel consists of three parts: 1) Arrival and departure, 2) accommodation and board, and 3) activities on site – each with its unique opportunities and challenges related to environmentally friendly, sustainable travel.

German climate protection organization atmosfair on its website proposes the following steps to make your travel an eco-friendly one:

How to travel climate friendly:

  • Travel to nearby destinations.
  • Make the trip by bus or train.
  • Explore your travel destination by bike or on foot.
  • Visit places with good public transportation systems or car-sharing offers.
  • Choose accommodations with energy-saving measures, eco-labels, etc.

Travel a short distance

Most people on holiday wish to relax, slow down, have fun and find spiritual balance. It is possible to meet these needs without traveling great distances. Even a walk or a bike ride starting at your own front door can be a memorable experience.

Bike and hike, instead of car and flying

Biking and hiking are two very popular holiday activities. Many regions have recognized the potential to attract domestic tourists by continually building and improving bike trails and hiking paths. Your city’s very own tourist information might be able to provide you with maps and other information about exciting tours and interesting destinations close-by.

Public transportation and car-sharing

If you are planning your holiday without a car, choose a region with a good public transportation system and book your accommodations with someone who is knowledgeable about transportation in the area, and – if this fits your travel style – who knows local car-sharing organizations.

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How to Travel Climate-Friendly: Tips for Environmentally Conscious, Smart City Travelers
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