City destination Stockholm: Looking for eco-friendly hotels, tours, activities and restaurants in the capital of Sweden? Here our recommendations for green accommodation, tours and healthy restaurants in Stockholm.

Stockholm and sustainability

Stockholm is indeed a dream destination for those seeking an eco-friendly lifestyle. The first-ever European Green Capital through its integrated city administration has been considering environmental aspects in budgets, operational planning, reporting and urban monitoring. Stockholm is also on a mission to be fossil fuel-free by 2050.

The district Hammarby Sjöstad is a sustainable city concept put into action, and serves as a role model for urban development projects around the world. The Stockholm Royal Seaport project promises to meet even more stringent requirements.

The city has an advanced recycling system. If you travel to the city for Christmas holidays, you might see dumps of Christmas trees, which locals bring after holidays to a square in their neighbourhoods. The trees are recycled into a beneficial product, helping improve the city’s soil and vegetation.

Eco-friendly hotels in Stockholm

Stockholm is acclaimed for the highest number of eco-labeled hotels in the world. Here a few suggestions for places to stay when visiting the Scandinavian metropole.

Scandic Hotels

All 18 Scandic hotels in Stockholm are carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Scandic has abandoned bottled water and uses only local water. The staff is trained in sustainability measures, such as using as little resources as possible.

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Clarion Hotel Stockholm

Located on Södermalm island – a vibrant district famous for its large selection of restaurants, bars, shopping and galleries. Being the largest hotel in the city with 558 bedrooms, the Clarion has extensive conference facilities and a spa, which is a great option to warm up if you travel in winter. The hotel won an award for its environmentally friendly construction approach: materials were transported by train, which reduced carbon emissions. The hotel management continues the sustainable way of maintenance through a recycling program and more efficient use of energy and water.

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Getting around: public transport in Stockholm

There are various options to get to the city center from Arlanda airport for all types of budgets: there’s the Arlanda Express high speed train, the eco-labelled airport shuttles (bio gas/ethanol buses, operating fossil fuel-free since 2010), and the many taxis, half of whom are hybrids or electric cars.

Stockholm underground station
Stockholm underground station

Ever heard about the incredible Stockholm metro? It is worth visiting, even if you are a fan of city walking. A showcase of renowned Swedish design and the nation’s artistic mindset, each subway station has its own style, inspired by natural conditions. Colorful rocky walls, graffiti, monuments, and you can even see a wall covered with moss – just like in a forest.

To travel between the city’s islands, you better buy an SL card which gives you unlimited access to public transport services: subway, trams and commuter trains, buses, ferries – and even the bicycle system with its more than 760 km of lanes.

Eco-friendly tours and urban adventures in Stockholm

Water is a vital element of everyday life, even more so in Stockholm. The city is built on an archipelago which consists of thousands of islands, where people live and go for holidays.

Stockholm archipelago cruise

To support this life on the water, many ferries cruise within the Stockholm archipelago. Voyaging from island to island is an amazing opportunity to get to know how locals live, and to enjoy stunning sceneries: the characteristic skerries, rocky islands with colorful houses, sometimes with just one house on an island. The water is clean, so that you can take a bath even in the city center, or stay on one of the islands for camping next to a lake or seaside.

Stockholm Archipelago
Stockholm Archipelago

Waxholmsbolaget is one the largest maritime stakeholders within the County of Stockholm. Owned by Stockholm’s County Council, the company has been commissioned to operate with great consideration for the sensitive environment of the archipelago. There are primarily three areas that the company works with: reducing the use of fossil fuels, reducing emissions into the air and finally, reducing excess waves that may damage the surroundings.

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Skansen: Open-Air Museum

The world’s oldest open-air museum is a walk through the history of Sweden. Explore its culture and traditions, and the way of living of the Sami indigenous people. The museum offers educational lectures and workshops on nature conservation both for kids and adults.

Ancient wooden barn Skansen
Ancient wooden barn in Skansen park

Stockholm is a paradise for outdoor activity lovers: from running, kayaking, swimming, fishing, bike riding, and hiking during warm season to skating, skiing in winter – followed by hot drinks in cosy local bars…

Healthy eateries in Stockholm

Goodstore and Delivore cafe

Delivore cafe serves freshly squeezed juices, organic tea and coffee, as well as vegetarian and vegan snacks and sweets. The store sells organic and fair-trade products from all over the world.

Where: Åsögatan 116 | Website

Paradiset Organic Market

This largest organic store in the country sells products mostly from local and European farmers and suppliers. Come here to buy fresh, healthy ingredients for your meal, or enjoy a lunch right on site, tasting different cuisines on offer at the food court on the second floor.

Where: Brännkyrkagatan 62-64 | Website

Stockholm weather & other travel info

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Destination Stockholm: Hotels, Eateries and Urban Adventures for Eco-Smart City Travelers
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