solar powered plug window socketJust brilliant! Absolutely love this: “A pair of designers have developed a new portable outlet that absorbs solar energy and converts it to electricity for everyday use. This nifty device can be attached to a window or wall that gets a lot of sunlight and, after eight hours of charging, holds up to 10 hours of electricity

“This can then be used to charge your phone or any number of electricity-hungry gadgets.If you are in a location that lacks an electrical socket, it is even possible to leave the solar plug on the wall and use it as an outlet to keep your laptop or anything else requiring electricity charged.”

“This is an example of how solar technology is developing to become practical in consumers’ everyday lives.While there already are several solutions that make use of solar energy as battery backup, this is one of the first to feature a direct plug-in. The simple design makes it easy for consumers to use, as the device only needs to be attached to a window or wall to do its job.”

Via Sustainable Brands.

More about the solar-powered plug by Yanko Design.

Great Travel Gadget: Solar-Powered Window Plug
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